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Entry #44

New Art, Animations and Canceled Challenge

2017-01-28 16:43:53 by ChillyCheese

Looking at my art page most of this shit is pretty old. So over the next couple days I'm going to upload most of the stuff thats sitting on my hardrive or tumblr that I never got around to giving to the good people of Newgrounds. If you want to see updates on stuff as Im working on it check out my thread in the art forum:

I've also started to actually upload to tumblr:

I've also been working on a couple animations, 1 is too short to actually post on NG, but it can be seen here:

The other one I've been working on is far from finished, but starting to come together. Check it out here:


On a second note I decided to let the Biweekly challenge die due to a lack of interest from peeps on the forums. I dont really have the time to manage it  or make a new animation every 2 weeks. Sorry if anyone was lookng forward to those, I'd encourage anyone to take over if they can/want to.


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2017-01-28 18:21:15

Dude nice! You got an art thread!

What you're doing sounds like a really good idea. I got so much crap I never finished too.

RIP Biweekly challenge.

ChillyCheese responds:

Woop woop! Yeah It feels good to be drawing every day now, Ive done more work in the last month than like the last 4 months before that. Being active on the discord and other circles has really helped keep me working. Here's to future productivity!