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Animation Challenge #4: Acting!

Posted by ChillyCheese - October 21st, 2015

For those that don't know what this is: I've been hosting a new animation challenge about every 2 weeks, the winner will recieve honorary supporter status via Tom Fulp, who has been generous enough to support my endeavor in creating these challenges. 

Past and current challenges can be seen in the threadhttp://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1397643/1

So this time I chose a sound clip for everyone to animate some characters to. Acting is a big part of animation, being able to bring a character to life through their mannerisms and action is in my opinion the really juicy part of animating. Think body language and facial expressions, and don't forget things covered in the last challenge like easing in and out! If you don't ease the movements of your character he/she or it will look robotic. Also have some fun with your character designs, but try to be efficient. Unnecessary information tacks on more things to redraw every frame.

Here is the sound cliphttp://goo.gl/wLTNw

Westley:"Where am I?"
The Albino:"The Pit of Despair! don't even think agh uhagh uhagh. Don't even think about trying to escape."

I think this will be a fun one cause of the little twist to it. Here is a good resource on lip syncing:http://zackzattack.blogspot.com/2013_10_01_archive.html

Unfortunately I don't have the money to be giving the book out every time. I wish I did, (sorry Jenninexus!), next time I'll see if I can swing it. However the winner will once again receive honorary supporter status!

The DEADLINE is Thursday, November 5th!



Comments (8)

These challenges are an awesome idea! Thank you so much for dedicating your time to give upcoming animators a place to practice :)

What's the hashtag that we should be using?

Oooh good question, I hadn't thought of that. How about #NGAC for new grounds animation challenge.

I'm looking forward to this.

If anyone is having problems with the audio being a higher pitch when importing to flash try this: Downloading the mp3, open with Audacity, change the Hz to 22050Hz and then export as a WAV. There is probably an easier way to fix it but that worked for me.

I just finished mine, you can check it out at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/665501 , if you feel like it I guess.

Awesome man, you have a knack for creating something very cinematic. Keep pushing those small details that really bring the environment to life, they are working well in this piece. Also don't be so negative about sharing your work man! You've got talent, take pride in your work.

we until midnight right? I'm still working on mine...

I actually extended the deadline to the 18th, but all the same you did a great job. It looks very polished and the character designs are solid. Feel free to post it in the thread to share it with others participating!

So sad I missed this challenge, inconceivable!

I extended the challenge deadline if your still interested! You still have a week to throw something together.